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Welcome to  BBN Security Limited

BBNS was established in 2010 by a group of individuals who shared a vision to pool their skill sets and professional experience to meet growing security challenges on a global basis.

We can also provide procurement and specialised security training solutions to governments.

BBNS’ technical, operational and procurement capabilities are based on real-life experience, tried and tested over time, in various challenging environments around the world.

We are firmly committed to assisting governments, corporate & private clients in all aspects and levels of security services and procurement.

BBNS offers a Bespoke Service that exceeds existing standards

BBN Security is a low-profile gateway to highly qualified security consultants (operators) specialised in the following areas:

Crisis Management, International Corporate Security, Travel Security, Private Investigations, Close Protection, Security Negotiations, Surveillance, Covert Operations, Procurement Services, Government, Commercial & Private Business

We provide unique security products, professional services to combat organized criminals, human traffickers, drug smugglers & terrorism worldwide.

Our sole purpose is to help you and your business to achieve your aims and objectives in a safe & secure environment. Our professional independence assures that we keep only our clients’ interests paramount.

They receive unsurpassed confidentiality, trust and loyalty.

Why We Are Different

The most important part of our business profile is as follows.
There is a tendency for other companies in our profession to disrespect the rights of others, or exaggerate their own importance & expertise at the expense of others, and to give bad or poor examples of behaviour in their professional conduct by the exploitation of others.
We stand firm away from such practice.

Tel: +44 (0) 7776 498 660

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